Self Reflection on Culture and Communication

Due to the research work, we came across valuable information regarding Japan. It is known as the “Land of the rising sun”. Japan is a developing country with one of the largest economy as well as the largest import-export facilities (MacQueen, 1998).
Besides, information that was gathered was that Japan can improve the life expectancy along with lowering the rate of the infant mortality and the total population of Japan is approximately 126 million. With this large amount of population, Japan has an enriched traditional culture, which evolves from the culture of Asia, Europe along with North America. It has the heritage culture in terms of traditional Japanese crafts, paintings, literature as well. During the time of gathering all this information about Japan, we all faced some difficulties but we worked hard to manage the successfulness of the project (MacQueen, 1998).
Our teachers give us this type of presentation, in order to enrich our knowledge and learning. Besides, this helps to develop our basic inner selves in terms of group activity, leadership, collectivism, as well as motivation while working in a team. During this research, three of us worked in a team, to find out several cultural determinants, which distinctively differentiated from other culture. My part of a job in this presentation is to research about following dimensions, which would show clearly. ‘Power distribution’ is unequal for this Asian country, which means that the country has ‘high power’ as well as ‘low power’ distances. From the understanding gained after collection of research, I can conclude that Japan has a centralized structure, where a former instruct the juniors. The culture of Japan is different from others as they obeyed instructions from seniors and follow collectivism to work efficiently. On the other hand, from the information gathered regarding cultural differences, it can be stated that European countries have a flat as well as&nbsp.decentralized dimensional social structure.