Selfridges to Launch Gender Neutral Retail Concept

Selfridges to Launch Gender Neutral Retail Concept A Response to Post Information April 14, "Selfridges to Launch GenderNeutral Retail Concept"
After reading the article entitled “Selfridges to Launch Gender Neutral Retail Concept” written by Nina Jones, it could be deduced that the gender neutral retail concept will only be short-lived. One honestly believes that fashion statements and trends are always evolving. The only constant aspect in the fashion industry is the opportunity to showcase creativity beyond restrictions and formalized structure. In fact, it was asserted in the article, according to the Selfridge’s creative director, Linda Hewson, “the Agender project ‘is not about harnessing a trend, but rather tapping into a mind-set and acknowledging and responding to a cultural shift that is happening now’”.1 The fact that the director acknowledges that the project was developed in response to a cultural shift is an indication that it is short-lived.
Actually, if we are to observe current global fashion trends, different societies have exhibited diverse preferences in dressing and in exemplifying preferences to adapt fashion trends. Some cultures, especially in developed countries, have long accepted gender neutral retail concept long before the Agender project. In other traditional and conservatist countries, the concept of fashion could still be asserted as maintaining gender-based clothing. Yet, contemporary generations have increasingly accepted openness to try innovative and creative fashion statements, including those that could be considered gender-neutral fashion concepts.
From the slideshow that was viewed which presented four (4) different examples of gender-neutral fashion, one affirms that although the concept could revolutionize contemporary styles, more female are accepted to wear clothes with masculine underpinnings. as contrasted to males opting to wear clothes with female-typed styles. Aside from the latter being perceived to look awkward and fairly inappropriate, more males could agree that they would not be caught wearing clothes with feminine trimmings or style. Current societies still exhibit stereotyped beliefs regarding gender-related concepts, including fashion, toys, accessories, and preferences in entertainment, sports, or music endeavors.
Overall, the Agender project could just be one of the many innovative and creative fashion showcases that are short-lived. One strongly believes that the fashion statements would not evolve to become the norm. Our contemporary generations, though more open and accepting of equality in various spheres, still strongly believe in gender differences, especially in clothing and fashion.
Jones, Nina. "Selfridges to Launch Gender Neutral Retail Concept." 27 January 2015. Womens Wear Daily. (Accessed 14 April 2015).