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TacomaTacoma is situated in Washington developed through several events that contributed to its current economic status, technological advancements, social developments, and cultural preservation. After winning the prize in 1873 when it was selected to have the terminus of the northern pacific railroad. This was the beginning of the growth of this city through the planning of the city had some disagreements on whose plan should be implemented. Tacoma became the biggest port for shipping goods from the forest and receiving goods from all parts of the world. It also has the highest technology and it developed light rail transports, created classic museums for the people and many traders who were coming to the city. Tacoma created cultural centers to preserve their culture which exists to date and had telecommunications networks that were made by art and are still in existence.Some of the events that took place, and which promoted the economic growth of Tacoma is the building of the ports and the coming of the train. Tacoma built warehouses that could accommodate the huge amounts of products that were coming in and going out of that city. The warehouses are used today and in a good state. This warehouse made it possible for Tacoma to boost its economy because many outsiders were now visiting the place, and they could need places to sleep and food, therefore, promoting the growth of hotels. They also created grain terminals at the port to put foodstuffs that were being transported.  At some point, there were conflicts between the land company of Tacoma and the Northern Pacific (Crowley, 2003). Tacoma later builds a water system and hydroelectric system from 1900 to 1910, but after the Second World War, there was an industrial boom which resulted in an increased population and establishment of a police camp. More African Americans went to work in Tacoma and settled there. Their political situation also changed when their leadership style of commission style was changed to mayor or city management system.After the war a phase of renewal in 1994 occurred which involved urban planning with improving the streets and having new schools in Tacoma. During this phase, parking garages were developed and terraced walls were built. Recreational structures were also built and auditoriums. Automobiles became common and transportation was shifted from rail to use or roads through highways in 1965. Old structures were renovated, and a university branch was started in Tacoma. Tacoma dome which exists until today is a major music venue that is known worldwide. In 2004, Tacoma also built a convention center that acted as an attraction site to many visitors and also builds a bridge that connects the downtown and the commencement bay. The tide flats built assisted during the building of the Trans Alaska pipeline for shipping containers f the only from Alaska to Asia. This event brought so much money to Tacoma especially because it was the only port that had the facilities that were required to handle big boxes.All those events clearly explain the economic history of Tacoma which helps us understand the whole history of their culture and political background. It is its economic potential that gave Tacoma fame until today and the preservation of the old facilities that make the city beautiful. The plan that had been laid by Olmsted is being achieved with time and the city remains outstanding.ReferenceCrowley, D. W. (2003, january 17). Tacoma — Thumbnail History. Retrieved from Essay 5055: