Service and Relationship Marketing

Changes have to be brought in with a strategic marketing approach on the basis of the service and relationship marketing. "Relationship marketing is not only a new or improved way of communicating with customer it is much more than that." (Gronroos 2007, p. 43).
Werribee Park is situated in Australia. It is one of the oldest parks with a past tale of love and betrayal. It was a part of older England that situated in the centre of Victoria and also Werribee Park hall is the largest personal house ever constructed in Victoria. Park envelops 40,500 hectares and the homes have 60 quarters. "The Ministry of Tourism adopts many policies to counteract hurdles and obstacles which come in the way of the development of Tourism in a country. Policies adopted by Ministry of Tourism are aimed at enhancing services and tourism tools to attract as many tourists as possible." (Tourism industry growth, n.d.). The Victorian government has formed a scheme of almost13 Maritime Nationwide Parks and 11 minute Maritime Sanctuaries. All these recreational areas and sanctuaries at present guard almost 5.3% of Victoria’s waters protect significant maritime territory and genus, important normal features, artistic tradition and artistic values. Visitors of the Park can take pleasure in an idle setting. Proper customer relationship must be maintained in every service industry to attract more visitors. Almost 10 hectares of land and beautifully manicured ceremonial gardens are enclosed by the Werribee hall "a recent addition to the grounds is the Werribee Park Sculpture Walk. Winding through the original farm and riverine, the Sculpture Walk features 29 works by Australia’s leading sculptors, including selected winners of the national Helen Lempriere Sculpture Award." (Werribee park, 2009).
Through efficient ecological and guest organization we can see that, Parks Victoria’s greatest commitment is to protect the resources. Parks Victoria utilizes employee’s crossways in the State in a broad variety of functions. Just about 70 per cent of the employees are experts with formal training in park and preserve administration, ecological administration and leisure. This extremely capable and knowledgeable team contains experts from all the business schemes. In addition to that, proper service and customer relationship must be maintained to increase profit as well as revenue. The mansion in the Werribee Park has been said to be the biggest private dwelling ever in Victoria. It was built more than hundred years back for a popular family of those days. The building is rich with its pictures and other artistic reserves which prove that it is almost similar to an English noble residence.
Target market:
The target market is any place where the product is to be sold. In the case of park taget is to implement the environment to attract the visitors who are about to visit them. The market place is found by mutual analysis and evaluation on the demand for the product. The target marketing actually divides the market into different category, these allows the organization to concentrate on the only product they deal with. There should be interested places for the kids, students, teens, and the adult. The target marketing also helps to find the right pricing for the parks in the locality. It also helps in keeping a record on the dealer’s