Service Sector Mraketing

A company who is in the business of services must consider the four elements of service characteristics when they are designing the marketing strategy of their service. Those elements are as follows. Service intangibility means that services which cannot be seen, touched or smelled before they are purchased for example train passengers when they buy a ticket before traveling or when people book a room in a hotel in advance, etc. Service variability means the quality of the service. The quality of the service depends on the person who is going to give it, and when he/she is going to give it and where and how.service inseparability a service cannot be separated from the person who is providing it. In-Service inseparability both the customer who is getting the service and the person who is providing the service affect the result of the service. The best example of service inseparability is a doctor conducting an examination of a patient.
Service perish-ability a service cannot be kept for later use or sale. An example for service perish-ability would be when hotels charge less or give a discount in off seasons so that a lot of people would be attracted when then for a visit or even when they charge double of the amount in the peak of the season.
These were the four basic elements or characteristics that have to be kept in mind when a company or an organization is conducting the marketing of a service. Now let’s look into a hotel business that provides different kinds of services to its customers.
A hotel can be defined as a place where people come to stay for a short period of time and have to pay for their rooms, meals and other kinds of services which a hotel provides like a spa or a maid service or for laundry or sport facilities, etc. People who would like to stay in a hotel have to get their room reserved in advance. A hotel business solely exits to provide comfort and satisfaction for its customers. It not only fulfills the needs of a customer but actually anticipates and provides the need even before it is asked.
The success of a hotel depends on its location that where it is located, inside the city or on the outskirts of the city, is it near a beach or on top of a mountain, etc. and it should be easy to find for the tourists. Another thing that makes the hotel business success would be the number of rooms it has. And let’s not forget the main thing that makes it a real success is the way the hotel employees behave towards the hotel’s customers.
The staffs of the hotel have to be extremely friendly to all kinds of people who are staying or visiting the hotel because the needs of a customer always come first. And also because the staffs of the hotel are always in contact with the people who are staying there and those people usually judge or make an opinion about the place on the impressions of the staff or on the reception they get when they are staying there.