The amplified significance of providing exceptional service is obvious in service marketing contents. This report presents the fundamentals of servicescape in the Emirates and their influence on customers’ viewpoints based on Bitner model (Bitner, 1992).
Emirates&nbsp. airways was set up in 1946 with a starting fleet of 138 aircrafts. It is currently a huge airline based in Qatar operating 172 destinations in 39 countries providing passenger and cargo services. The servivescape elements found on Emirates Airlines include ambient conditions, colour, lighting, physical designs, background music, artefacts, functionality, and signs. The service the paper will deal with is air transport with special consideration with Emirates airlines.
Introduction and Research Questions
In the past couple of years, researchers and marketing managers have identified with the features of servicescape terming them as useful in the attraction and retaining of consumers particularly in the service industry. This research purposes to answer one major question and that is there any impact of servicescapes on marketing? The research seeks to identify the effect of this environment on five employees and five consumers.
The study will analyse the relationship between the use of servicescapes and the increase in clientele in Emirates Airlines. It will also show the effect of the environment in the Emirates on five customers and employees (Barsky &amp. Nash, 2003). In this chapter, the methodology of the research consisted of four sections.