Sex Discrimination in the UK Mobile Phone Industry

But it is a certain believe that even if such misconceptions exist, it is the responsibility of the management to have them corrected rather than letting them prevail.
The aim of this report is to present a case in terms of analysis of the mobile phone industry in the UK, by critically analyzing its environmental issues and prime focus being on the gender discrimination in the industry, which is becoming a leading issue in the organizations world over.
Gender discrimination has its roots routed in the very basics of our society and has prevailed in the same for several decades or even more. probably from the time the first sexual harassment case was established, not in the court of law, but on the grounds of earth. However, the topic here is precisely focussed towards the issue relevant to the mobile phone industry in the UK. This industry has a good progressive and growing rate and is more professionally structured than many other industries across the world. the prime aim of targeting this industry is the fact that it has extensive ends of interactions with other industries and it also has some tremendous professionals employed like MBAs and Engineers, and so on. With the boosting growth in this industry, its call centre services have also expanded and outsourcing has taken placed in similar context. Thus, it has huge branches that spread from one end of the world to the other. Therefore, this industry has been chosen.
The report conducts a brief literature survey and an extensive interview-cum discussion with around 20 employees of different mobile industry giants, with a 50:50 male-to-female ratio to ensure that the data is not biased and there is less sampling error with more random sampling. The key area that has been highlighted here is the feeling of employees that they are being discriminated based on gender differences, with the prime aim and objective being the same.
Gender discrimination, over the years, has been very destructive for organizations on the whole by means of causing loss of motivation and trust amongst the employees over the management decisions leading to loss of productivity and loss of goodwill not just amongst the employees but amongst the other group of stakeholders as well. This has even led organizations into having law-suits filed by employees of the same, tarnishing the goodwill of the organization on the whole in one go.
Thus, the said subject is considered of extreme importance for an organization, and thus it is being studied in this research with the focus on the most progressive industries in the world i.e. the mobile industry in the UK.
Literature Review
European Business Environment
The European business environment is probably the most competent and competitive in the world, with the facts standing erect in cases of mostly all industries. This has always been recognized and respected by the European Union as well. With imposition of taxes, quotas, and duties, the local business has always been prevented and promoted towards steady and strong growth. European products