Sex Education in Schools



This paper declares that&nbsp.sexuality in children is a complex issue that Sigmund Freud has divided into five stages known as sexual development. The five steps include oral phase, the anal stage also known as bowel, and bladder elimination, a phallic stage that is the discovery of genitals, latency stage which the dormant sexual feelings. The final phase is the genital stage that occurs at maturity of sexuality.&nbsp. He argues that during every stage of sexual growth, children acquire the vital development to become an adaptive adult. Freud theorized explanations for numerous repressed feelings, and desires, yet also assist in developing strong gender roles. During that time, the boys begin to develop intense anxiety, which is similar to girls.From the discussion it is clear that& education in school is vital in that the teenagers will get to know how sexually transmitted diseases are acquired, the issues of contraception, abstinence. If they are not going to learn them in school where better would they learn about it? From media?Or friends?Or do we want them to learn sex education from the responsible adults? When we leave our children in the hands of the media or friend to give them sex education, we may be initiating our&nbsp. problems. Some of the friends or media are deceitful.&nbsp.They can mislead the young children to their advantage. Moreover, some friend may take advantage of the innocence of the child and abuse the roles they are expected to play. If we cannot trust our schools with such matters then, who can be trusted with our children?