Sexualized Imagery of Women in Popular Culture

In the contemporary world, sexualized imagery of women has intensified especially with the prevalence of the mass media due to various reasons such as marketing, therefore, reaching a larger audience. This makes these ideas, pictures, and notions about women to penetrate heavily into the everyday lives of people in society, thereby influencing trends in popular culture. This has resulted in a lot of criticism from some women and other opposing groups, which has led to many heated arguments over the message that the sexual imagery of women has on the masses. They claim that the over-emphasis on women’s appearances and sexuality has led to the misinterpretation of women’s value as people judge and evaluate them according to their physical attractiveness. Other people, including some musicians, photographers and other artists claim that a woman’s appearance and sexuality symbolizes women’s power, which is perfectly illustrated in popular culture (Szymanski, Lauren &amp. Erika 7). This paper will argue different points from different perspectives to show whether a woman’s appearance and sexuality represent her power and if it is wrongful to portray women as sexual objects in popular culture.
I disagree with the notion that a woman’s appearance and sexuality represent her power. therefore, showing that it is wrongful and demeaning to portray women as sexual objects in popular culture. Popular culture is mainly influenced by the mass media. Mass media influences many people’s perception through the music, films, pictures, and advertisements that it features. These are some of the things that primarily influence the different trends that popular culture takes. Taking a quick glance at music, many artists seem to feature women who are normally slim, scantily dressed and wear a lot of makeup to enhance their beauty. This promotes a certain image regarding women. therefore, influencing many people to base the value of today’s women on their physical appearance and sexuality.