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The central issues in Criminal Justice and the Rule of Law revolve around how Supreme Court justices are appointed and how their ideological leanings affect all citizens of the United States. According to the chapter, the Supreme Court’s decision that other constitutional amendments fell under the domain of the Fourteenth Amendment was supported by those within the legal community as ensuring the criminal justice system was in line with the American values of citizens’ rights and liberties, and that the government’s authority was limited. Explain two reasons why this might hold true, then provide rebuttals for each reason that demonstrate the opposite opinion. In your own words, explain the importance of the Supreme Court. Include at least three reasons as to why it is or is not a necessary part of the American criminal justice system.Police officers are given the power to deprive people of their freedom by detaining them, arresting them, or by using force to control them. Officers are expected to utilize discretion making skills, which are choices on when and how to apply our set of legal laws. Discretion can involve a simple verbal warning, issuing a citation, or making an arrest. In some instances, police officers have a wide range of discretion and may apply our legal system as they see fit. Explain your choices in this scenario by addressing the following questions: Describe what police discretion is. How is it applied? What are the key elements that most police officers utilize when they show discretion?If you were a police officer, how would you use police discretion? In what circumstances would you use it? What types of crimes would you use discretion instead of a ticket or an arrest? Explain your rationale.Short answer post. No references needed. 01/02/202020law