Shortage of Nurses in Ashford General Hospital

Moreover, Ashford Hospital together with the other affected hospitals can work together with the universities and colleges so that the student under training can help the existing nurses in the hospitals. Besides, in satisfying the shortage of the nurses, these hospitals should properly reward their nurses so as to act as motivation for the students who are willing to join the profession. It is also the duty of the human resource manager maintain age diversity in the hospitals, for instance, staff should be made of people of different ages so that when a certain group is retiring then there is new blood in the system (Nottingham, et al, 2012). Moreover, proper leadership should also be implemented so as to take care of the welfare of the nurses. In this light, cultural diversity is important because patients can feel that they are well represented. Lastly proper record keeping in the hospital is another fundamental idea that can help curb the shortage of the nurses. Record keeping enhances transparency in work, and resource management will be liable responsible for all the activities that are taking place in the hospitals.
Several Hospitals are victims of nurses’ shortage until the issue has become a national concern in the United States of America. The shortage does affect not only the patients, but also the administration, physicians, nurses and many other stakeholders in the system. In this paper, I have dealt with various factors that lead to the shortage of nurses in different hospitals.