Should a Muslim center be built near ground zero

The proponents of the proposed development on the other hand have argued the Islamic center will not touch not even an inch of where the twin towers stood, and upon completion, the Islamic center that comprises of Swimming pool, libraries, basketball court, day-care facility, auditorium, cooking school and a restaurant will be accessible to all and not only Muslims. No one can dispute that America is a land where freedom of worship is one of the country’s founding principle. The fact remains that, on dealing with a proposed a mosque near ground zero, a lot factors must be considered, as this is not just any other ordinary mosque to be built in another ordinary location. Opponents The memories of September 11, terrorist attacks will forever be held in American’s hearts and especially to the hearts of the Americans’ who lost their beloved ones. The ground zero symbolized America’s commitment of ensuring the same thing does not happen in the future by waging a war on Islamic extremists. Hence by building an Islamic center near the ground zero will not only be tantamount to conceding ground to the extremist but also opening up fresh wounds suffered by friends and families of the September 11, terrorist attacks. Ground zero is the only cemetery friends and family members have of the victims that perished in the terror attacks, as they did not get the opportunity to bury their loved ones let alone seeing their bodies. Establishing a shopping center near ground zero will be sacrilege while developing a mosque near ground zero will be regarded as abomination. According to Islamic traditions, monuments are built as a remembrance of great victories achieved. A mosque in one way or the other symbolizes victory to Allah. This brings into focus the perspective that the mosque is built to acknowledge triumph of the Islamic terrorists of September 11. To add salt to the injury the leader of the Hamas group, a Palestinian terrorist group has openly declared his support to the development of the mosque near ground zero. The fact remains that, if the project is meant to promote harmony among the various denominations of religions, the best idea is that should be built in a way that the various religions can access it and hold their respective services instead of the current scenario where one religion is entitled to hold its service while the rest of the community can use the social amenities. One thing that should remain clear is that the proposed mosque near ground zero should not be painted as choice between close-minded bigotry and freedom of religion. Proponents In his celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, president Obama was full of praise for the proposed plans to develop a mosque two blocks away from ground zero. In his support, the president retaliated that the foundations upon which the religious freedom is built on should remain firm and unshakable, as this was one of the writs of America’s founders (D’Souza 202). Denying the American Muslims their right to build a mosque in their preferred place of choice, will tantamount to playing into the wicked thinking of our enemies’ way of life. By rejecting the proposed mosque, America will be handling victory to the terrorists that planned the September 11 terrorist attacks by letting