Similarities and Differences between Baboon and Human Being

Based on social behavior studies, psychological and physical stress levels remain exceptionally higher amongst individuals within the lower hierarchy. The social behaviors results include high blood pressure, suppressed immune system and increased stress hormones. It is imperative to note that due to the social behaviors baboons can differentiate real menace and neutral factor in a similar manner as behaviors of neurotic persons. In addition, both human beings and baboons believe that violence control implicates less stress and good health.Mostly, the highly sociable baboons normally have a healthier lifestyle and with minimal stress in a similar manner to human beings. Minimize social stress directly relates to reduces mental and physical torture with consequent comfort in health. The social build up is indispensable in a realization of least social stress, and it begins at birth amongst both baboons and human beings.Besides health-related stress similarities, baboons also have a strong tendency towards competition and aggression just like human beings. In a similar way as human beings, baboons develop inherent competitive urge when relating to each other. In addition to competitiveness aggression, baboons also directly get involved in decision-making processes in a similar way as human beings. Typically, baboons develop thinking and take sides during discussions both emotionally and rationally just like human beings. However, human beings slightly differ with baboons mainly because their decisions may surpass the immediate situation and environment.Furthermore, both the baboons and humans manifest wickedness and envy friendship in all their social associations. Another important social behavior relates to the unique personality developed by an individual and baboons.