Simon Chance the owner and Chief Executive of Junction Hotel is seeking to increase the effectiveness of the hotel Drawing on theories of rational organisation and at least one of the following topic areas 1) psychological perspectives 2) organisational

mon Chance, the owner and Chief Executive of Junction Hotel is seeking to increase the effectiveness of the hotel and to address the above listed weaknesses. The aim of this paper is to research how the theories of rational organization and psychological perspectives (personality and motivation) can be applied by Simon Chance in order to increase the effectiveness Junction Hotel and to ensure long-term success of the hotel.
The definition of “rational model” also called “machine” model is applied to an organization, which is viewed as “an instrument, a set of interrelated means contrived to achieve a specific end” (Astley &amp. Zajaz 1991, 402). Thus, rational organizational can be characterized as a unit comprised of many subunits and other elements that are set together in order to complement each other and thus to enable management to achieve the corporate objective or plans (Astley &amp. Zajaz 1991). Rational model has two key features: goal specificity and formalization. On the one hand, rational organization should have a clear structural design, were the tasks that should be completed are specified and the resources necessary for completion of these tasks are allocated in the most efficient way. On the other hand, work behaviour should be regulated and standardized through the formalization process.
The concept of rational approach to organization has been first introduced by Frederick Taylor. Engineering background has enabled Taylor to focus on efficiency aspect in the organizational analysis which has been further transferred into the scientific management theory. His early insights of rational model were based on the idea that the most efficient way of work was the way of performing a task in the least amount of time (, n.d.). Famous automobiles’ manufacturer, Ford Moto Company, has applied Taylor’s concept of efficiency to its manufacturing process. Thus, scientific management principles have helped Ford to produce