SOC 300: SociologyWeek 7 Discussion “Health.” Please respond to the following:Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:Describe your understanding of the north / south divide as it relates to the health of populations in developing counties. Determine specific steps — aside from building more clinics — that the leadership in developing countries can take to improve their health care systems and, as a consequence, the health of the population.Please respond to at least one (1) post from your peers.       Part 2: Student Response Paul C Brown Jr. RE: Week 7 Discussion Good evening class, The world divides between the wealthy developed countries of the North, which consist of the U.S., Canada, Europe, and developed parts of East Asia, which controls four-fifths of the income of the world. The poor developing countriesof the South include Africa, Latin America, and developing Asia only holds one-fifth of world income.Leadership in developing countries can improve their health care systems by promoting digital health carein countries where access to health careis complicated, and infrastructure is poor. M Health can play an essential role in bridging the divide between the developed and the developing world.M Health is the delivering of health careservices via mobile communication devices.M Health can improve health care outcomes, services, and research in developing countries.Bottom of FormBottom of Form