Social Acceptability of Pornography

Most of the people irrespective of young or old are interested in watching pornographic materials either publicly or privately. Feminist movements are also not unique in their opinion as far as pornography is concerned. Radical feminist movements strongly oppose the spreading of pornography in general and the portraying of women nudity in particular. But individualist feminist movements have a different opinion about the above subject. They strongly believe that pornography should not be considered as a sin and the myths associated with pornography must be cleared in order to create a strong future generation which is free of any prejudices, illusions or superstitions. Pornographic materials have been in existence for long has man created art out of stone and clay. The production and distribution of pornography adapt easily new media whether they be pictures, print, photography, movies, or computer files (Sprague, p.1) Pornography from its evolution onwards a controversial subject because of the superstitions associated with it. Sex is considered as a divine act by the traditional society and it was considered as an elderly actor and the children or the adolescent people were prohibited from engaging in sexual activities. Immaturity in the way of thinking and activities which may lead to social problems, violence, and crime was the main reason for the denial of sexual activities to the underage people. Segregation of good and evils is difficult at the adolescent period because of the growth of sexual hormones at these ages and hence most of the social organizations oppose the access of pornography to underage children. Surprisingly, public perceptions about exposure to pornography from a survey shows that only 49% believe pornography can cause men to rape and only 56% blame it for a breakdown in morals (Sprague, p.2) The above statistics show that majority (51%) believe that pornography may not cause any social evils which are totally against the general beliefs. The above statistics again show that the public view about sex and pornography is changing rapidly.