Social analysis is valued because it is inspired by a will to make a better world (Steven Seidman 1998) Discuss this statement

Seidman described his disappointment in the sorts of sociological practice that has become a narrow and specialized conversation about definitions in theory and disagreements about method. Then he wrote, more optimistically: “I return to sociology as I initially came to the discipline, with the hope of finding a home where social analysis is valued because it is inspired by a will to make a better world. …”
Social analysis is then part or a technique in sociology, purpose of which, according to Sweden, is “to be a part of the ongoing conversation and conflict over the present and future shape of the social world.”
Du Bois &amp. Wright (2001), in their work ‘Applying sociology –&nbsp.Making a better world’ define the term as follows:” Sociology is the study of human social life, groups, and societies, giving special emphasis to modern industrialized systems. It is a discipline involving the ability to think imaginatively and one in which personal views of the world are set aside so we may look more carefully at the influences that shape our lives and those of others. Social structure is an important concept in sociology.”
From the above definition, what group view matter? Although the author said personal views are set aside, individual goals must be disregarded. It simply means that the works of sociology is to find melting points where people of different beliefs and biases could work together for the common good.
Du Bois &amp. Wright (2001) believe in permanent construction and reconstruction of social life, which is based upon the meanings people attach to their actions. The authors thus said: “In sociological research it is important to distinguish between the intended and unintended results of human action. Sociology studies the resulting balance between social reproduction and social transformation. Social