Social Constructs of Beauty in America Europe and Asia



The essay "Social Constructs of Beauty in America, Europe and Asia" will looks at the international constructions of beauty in various cultural locations all over the world precisely in the USA, Asia and European nations. The variations of the sexual connotation of beauty will be compared according to the region where the magazine adverts come from. The research will look at the points of commonality and the divergence in the construction of beauty in fashion. The running theme in the paper will be the effect of the cultural influences in the modeling of what is beautiful across the three regions of America, Europe and Asia. The paper will not assume a comparison point of view. instead, it will seek to look at the social constructs of beauty individually. The practical activities representing the social constructs of beauty take into consideration the increasing globalization effects. In line with the increasing globalization, the cultural influences in the design and fashion areas are turning out to be hazy mazes. The dominant cultures are exerting their influences on the traditional concepts of beauty such that the end result is a dwindling effect of culture on the depiction of beauty. Majority of the western films have been credited for the erosion of the social constructs of beauty. This precedence is dangerous in that it threatens the actual existence of the beauty in its indigenous form. As a creative practitioner, the assignment will seek to expose the beauty in the cultural influences.