Social Media Plan

This essay stresses that various market factors have shaped the summer occupancy numbers. Initially, what drove the summer business was the international bus tours, this formed bout 62 percent of the summer offseason business. The increasing value of the Canadian dollar, forest fires in 2003, global recession and changes in the bus tour operator policy of 2007, seriously eroded the international market of the resort. Since the summer of 2008, the tour bus business dropped sharply. Consequently, the summer room rates shot down to the same levels as they were in the 1990’s.&nbsp.

This paper discusses that as much as it is not necessary to compare Sun Peaks to other mountain resorts since their economies are more diverse, it is worth noting that Sun Peaks are competing for the same regional consumer market. With such competition, new efficient ways have to be designed to come up with a marketing strategy that will deliver, and, for this reason, the social media offers that platform. Sun Peaks faces stiff competition from other regional resort municipalities such as Whistler not only for the regional consumer market but also for the international consumer market.&nbsp.The target market is both regional and international in nature, thus when it comes to the consideration of demographics, and then it is the entire world that is considered especially those who fancy Canada as tourist destination resort.