Social Networking in Excel Company

My responsibilities within the organization included allotment and administration of the reporters, the labor organizations and managing and negotiating deals with other firms.

During carrying out my responsibilities, I had faced many problems and challenges. There were several issues with the organization. for instance, Excel was sharply watching a downward trend in its market share. The sales revenue had shown a decline of 10 percent for the last two years. The admirable reporters were evacuating the organizations. There had been a lack of proper skills and expertise. Big deals and sponsorships that were on the line two years back had to be canceled due to reluctance on the other side. Circulation and the reputation of the brand were at stake. The key players of this organization included me along with the trainees of the knowledge management. The other problem, which cropped up was that the other two newspaper agencies of a similar profile were doing absolutely well according to their size and status in the same city.
Going through the matter, it has been understood that root causes of this situation are the following issues- the production process involved obsolete machines that required labor-intensive technology. This lead to a problem of disguised unemployment, which means some workers were not making any real contribution to the production of output but drawing a salary. The other is the requirement of a capital intensive technology through installing the latest machines but the labor union was constantly disapproving against such transformation of technology and giving the threat to go on strike.&nbsp.