Social Policy Analysis Applied to the Lone Parent Family



A workable policy has to be concrete and practical, as well as specify all facets of the effort. Strategic elements involve a full evaluation of the environment, since any resolutions must take into account prevailing circumstances. Aspirations and goals of the community and the persons served must be ascertained. Principles have to be set by which decisions can later be evaluated. Potential alternative approaches must be taken into consideration for accurate assessment of the long-term benefits. Operational projections must be measured against the original goals and purpose in order to make certain that efforts stay on target in the necessary direction. In the sphere of social exclusion/inclusion the imperative for fine-tuning services in collaboration with the very persons for whom the service is intended can be curiously ignored. Instead, social services are typically "associated either with a paternalistic approach based on the idea of ‘doing good’ to people through a top-down process, or of addressing broader state and societal concerns relating to demands for conformity, social cohesion and economic effectiveness".