Social problems in American society

&nbsp.In normal circumstances, it is only the police and a few dignitaries that are licensed to possess guns. However, with the increasing insecurity, citizens have pushed the government to allow them own guns, since they feel the police do not offer them timely protection. Amidst the requests, they have been concerned about how well the citizens are going to use the firearms once allowed. In as much as such possession is meant to minimize on insecurity, there are fears that it might increase vulnerability instead. The people who are authorized to possess firearms are under an oath to use them only when it is necessary. However, extending such a privilege to the citizens may increase their misuse and hence making America even more insecure.
The United States of America has been the target for terrorism since time immemorial. The target has been due to their international operations, some which are humanitarian and others to protect their interests Mooney, Knox &amp. Schacht, 2014). The country has faced some terrorist attack, both on their local and global investments. Terrorism has diverse effects on the economy and more especially on foreign investments. Terrorists usually target a productive economic zone, to destroy not only property but also people. Considering the destruction done, it takes quite some time, or even never, to recover from the losses. Once investors realize that a region is prone to terrorist attacks, they shy from establishing the investments, and hence affecting economic growth.&nbsp.