Social Responsibility How Various Corporations and Industries View Social Responsibility

Johnson and Johnson affect consumers globally, through its health product offerings. It also affects communities environmentally, where which its production facilities are located. Tyson Corner affects the D.C. community, where it is located. Verizon affects customers and those who come in contact with customers, through proximity to its electronics products. It also affects the community at large, with issues of discarded products and the toxins they may produce. Cruise lines probably possess the greatest potential to affect a global community, as they travel vast distances across seas. They carry and utilize large amounts of fuel and similar products, which have the greatest potential of affecting the environment. Cruise Lines and RCCL Royal Caribbean Cruise Line pled guilty in the early 1990s and again in 1998 to charges of spilling oil and fuel byproducts into seas around the globe. We deeply regret our role in polluting the marine environment. These acts were inexcusable, they were wrong, and we accept full responsibility for these violations, said Jack Williams, RCCL president. However, the cruise line again pled guilty to multiple federal charges in 2001. Eventually, top-level managers were replaced, but the cruise line appears to have lacked sincerity in its 1998 apology. The cruise line has since changed its anti-pollution policies, which are also overseen by a federal judge in Miami. Additional measures to reduce environmental pollution include replacing diesel turbines with gas, adding an environmental officer on each ship and adding an EPA administrator to its board of directors(Fishman, 2000). Though the cruise line was forced to address issues of environmental responsibility, it also has a responsibility to shareholders. The fines totalled $27 million, which is a huge expense. Not only does this risk financial stability of the company, but it also risks financial losses to shareholders and possible job loss for employees. Employees were at risk of health problems due to exposure to higher levels of exhaust, with previous policies.