Socially Responsible Company Buying Objectives

Societal demands on new roles for companies on societal needs are forcing companies to think beyond any traditional philanthropy that they were engaged in company objectives that are not strictly economic.
Traditional philanthropy may be viewed as the only time when companies deviated from spending their resources without real tangible returns to their coffers. This was however limited to activities towards their employees or in a minimal manner to the society or societies in which they operated. The complex dimension that has arisen for companies is the demand from societies that they need to show more concern for the societies in which they operate.
With the concept of globalization and the global village become more of a reality than a considered possibility action of companies oriented towards economic concerns with societal detrimental effects have a means of spreading to all corners of the globe, which has made the societal demands for responsibility from companies more strident. This has led to the concept of corporate social responsibility, wherein companies become aware of the needs of maintaining the environment in which they operate and assistance to societal needs and are encouraged to incorporate them among the objectives of the company.
Since the last decade of the twentieth the concept of corporate greening, wherein companies have become more aware and concerned about their environmental responsibilities and have shown the tendency to incorporate this non-economic criterion among their objectives has attracted a lot of interest. According to Schaefer and Harvey, 1997, the underlying basis of the models of corporate greening that have been developed are that companies have a choice of incorporating or nor incorporating non-economic environmental criterion in their company objectives and that there is a line of progress from a company that takes no interest in environmental issues on to companies at the other end of the spectrum, who have extremely high interest in environmental issues.