SocioEconomic Frameworks of Economy

Analysts and world leaders are looking at this phenomenon as potentially similar to the nineteenth century Industrial Revolution when the technology of steam engines, metallurgy, and giant power tools radically transformed the world.
Cohen claim that the term E-conomy is so far the most recent and relevant, as the previously used terms to describe the phenomenon, which is “post-industrial society,” “innovations economy,” “network economy,” and “new economy,” are vulnerable to misinterpretations. Political and socio-economic frameworks of E-conomy are also put forth by the paper to aid policymakers and global leaders in their policy decisions within the E-conomy.
With careful and comprehensive analyses of the dynamics involved in the E-conomy aiding global leaders’ appropriate planning and policymaking, the E-conomy need not harm any nation however small or big it may be. The paper drafted by Cohen precisely aids legislators to analyze the situation. It is therefore recommended that the paper be part of world leaders’ and policymakers’ important readings.