Sociology of work

re able to succeed or not has led to a situation where it has become a necessity for companies to treat their employees with the utmost care because it has been found to be the only way through which they can give their best in service of the company. The way through which companies handle their employees vary from one company to another and from one nation to another and this is the reason why it has become imperative to study job satisfaction in different situations all over the world. The last few decades have seen the rise of a new generation of employees who are not only highly educated but are also well versed in technology and this has ensured that they are in high demand among the various companies in the competitive market. As a result, these individuals have come to extremely mobile, whereby whenever they are not satisfied with the work situations in their current workplace, they normally leave the job and almost instantly get work in rival companies which offer higher wages and other allowances which they previously did not have. Job satisfaction has therefore become fundamental in the development of the work environment that it not only satisfactory to the employees, but also encourages them to be creative in the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives.
Countries such as the United States and France are among the most socially diverse countries globally and this is mainly because of the fact that a large number of immigrants have come from all over the world to settle within them. However, one would argue that in most of the companies that operate within these countries, there has developed the tendency of there being open discrimination among certain workers based on their ethnicity. This has especially been witnessed in the United States where members of the black minority are often treated as second class employees in the work place, normally receiving lesser pay than their white counterparts as well as having very few opportunities