Write 3-5 pages in which you discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place orders have impacted you personally, your family and friends, and society as a whole.  Relate these impacts to one or more concepts, theory   ( Karl Max, Emilie Durkheim, Max Weber, W.E.B. DuBois, Robert Merton, Michel Foucault.)For example, write about classism and the impact staying at home has had on different classes of people (i.e. those who can work remotely at home vs. those who can’t work at all).  You could also discuss new ways of connecting with others during this time, like Zoom, FaceTime, etc.  Did social constructs change during this time?  Will resocialization be an issue after the social distancing is relaxed? Or, you can talk about urban sociology and how Boston or your home city has changed due to the pandemic.  Or, how has globalization changed? There are many possibilities – be creative!Details: Introduce your topic and how/why it is relevant to what we learned this semester Describe the situation Include an explanation of the situation, specifics of the situation, how you feel about the situation and why.   Situate your topic within at least one concept discussed this semester (i.e. class, race, crime & deviance).
IMPORTANT: Cite at least 2 concepts or pieces of information from the readings or lecture. See under Format below on how to do it.  Write a conclusion summarizing the major points you made in the paper. Format: 3-5 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font, 1 inch margins, indent your paragraphs instead of skipping lines. Use first person when writing (e.g. “The problems started when I left my parents’ house…”). Begin the paper with a title, your name, and date. Edit carefully for spelling and grammar. Think about the current pandemic, explain how it relates and/or will relate to other general social issues (class, race, crime & deviance, etc ) AND relate it to one of the major sociologist theories.