Software Quality Assurance Capability Level 2 and Work Products for Requirements Elicitation Process

According to the American Heritage Dictionary “quality is a feature or element of something.” As an element of an item, quality refers to measurable features the things we can judge against recognized standards for instance length, color, electrical properties, etc. Software quality assurance comprises auditing and reporting activities of management. The purpose of quality assurance is to offer management with the data essential to be knowledgeable about product quality, by this means getting insight and assurance that product quality is meeting its objectives. Demiriirs et al, (1998) outlined the main evolution of the software quality assurance in his research. Since the 1980s a huge amount of software process enhancement/improvement efforts have been started globally to augment quality as well as efficiency while minimizing cost. Different quality assurance models are being utilized depending on the marketplace objectives of the organizations.

The term CMM or Capability Maturity Model has established by Paulk et at (1993) is well accepted among the corporations that target the United States marketplace. Alternatively for European technology marketplace certification to IS0 9001 is the most frequently established quality program. An experience by means of both CMM and IS0 9001 has shown that fewer software associations by means of 15 or fewer developers have a number of complexities in putting these models. The primary difficulty is the models’ inherent theories on the business size. The quality applications that require to be installed necessitate numerous groups operational in parallel on diverse issues. In small corporations, a similar group of people has to pass these tasks consequently overloading the staff. Alternatively, both CMM and IS0 9001 be unsuccessful in profit from the “smallness” which frequently means fast reaction time, flexibility and improved communication. Regardless of these complexities, the number of small associations started process improvement is growing as the return of investment arrived in the shape of a huge marketplace.&nbsp.