Some thoughts of the article

Some Thoughts of the Article Some Thoughts of the Article The Article entails some fundamental aspects of macro and micro economics. Whereby, macro economics refers to a branch of economics that deals with the study of aggregate behavior of an entire economy. Whereby, issues such unemployment, price changes, National income, gross national product, growth rate and inflation issues are scrutinized. However, inflation and unemployment issue tend to be a more critical due to their adverse impact in an economy. Inflation entails a persistent rise in services and commodity while unemployment is an economic situation where people who are willing and able to work can’t find a job. Therefore, to address these problems, government should to utilize tools for monetary and fiscal policy. Monetary policies tool entails utilization of discount rates and reserve requirements to control inflation and stabilize the economy. On the contrary, fiscal policies tool entails application of taxes as well as control of government expenditure to achieve certain economic goals (Taylor amp. Weerapana, 2008).
On the contrary, Micro economics refers to a branch of economics that involves the study of decisions made by individuals and firms regarding the scarce resource. Whereby, in micro economics, consumers aims to maximize their utility despite having scarce resource aims to maximize their profits while at the same time minimizing their cost. However, due to limited resources, both firms and individuals experience opportunity cost. Whereby, they have to decide the best alternatives to forgo given the fact that resources are limited (Mankiw, 2011). Normally, in micro economics, the prices of goods and services are determined by market forces of supply and demand as well as government regulations. Therefore, both individuals and firms should take into consideration the issues of tax and government regulations when making their decisions (Chandra, 2005).
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