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This trend has raised many health concerns in the United States. Researchers have also pointed the role of marketing in this sphere. Big giants like McDonalds and Burger King are responsible for this increased trend due to their aggressive marketing which is centered to focus more on children than any other group.
Unawareness is a key factor that has played a major role in creating the ‘fast food trend’ among masses. People are not aware about their calorie intake by consuming high caloric and fatty foods. They do not possess the general idea about their daily calorie requirements. Thus, every time when they consume any fast food. their calorie intake increases. It has also left its adverse effects on the health of school-going children who are the primary consumers of fast foods. These children are more prone to obesity and obesity related diseases due to negligence of their parents, unawareness and aggressively targeted by various fast food chains. The percentage of obese children has increased from 5% in mid 1970s to 16% in 2000. These rates have raised many concerns related to the physical and mental well-being of children.
Due to increased number of fast food restaurants, the percentage of obese children in America is growing with a sky-rocketing speed. Due to unhealthy lifestyle, unawareness and fast foods advertisements that are aimed to target children are directly responsible for increased percentage of overweight children. It is the duty of their parents that they should evoke the thought of a healthy lifestyle in the minds of their children and they should push them to eat healthy and balanced diet in order to stay healthy and active.
Changing lifestyles and behavior have greatly influenced the eating pattern of an individual. People care less about what they eat. Due to this shift in behavior and habits, the fast food industry has expanded to a greater extent. Consumption of fast food has given rise to many