Sources of the Francis Bacon’s Idea of Wisdom

In describing the fundamental purpose of the building of Solomon’s House in New Atlantis as possessing the knowledge of all things and their practical applications through scientific research, Bacon says: the end of our foundation is the knowledge of causes, and secret motions of things. and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possible (Bacon, p. 288). He made elaborate descriptions of advanced scientific endeavors which would have, at the time of the publication of his essays, inspired awe and wonder from his colleagues. Some of the technology described in the treatise were not even considered remotely possible at that time, so it is no doubt that he was considered one of the greatest thinkers of Europe.Bacon propagated the value of advancing one’s learning and perfecting the process and means by which knowledge of things could be attained, i.e. scientific method and technology. However, his was a method that did not rely heavily on hypothesis as experiments. indeed, the indirect cause of his death was his zeal for conducting experiments (Bacon, xiv).In describing the paradisiacal world which is the New Atlantis, Bacon made mention of the ultimate purpose of the existence of Solomon’s House, and further on, the areas where learning and advanced technology have been applied to. This world is isolated and enclosed, and the means by which the inhabitants constantly invented and discovered many things was through a methodical process of gathering information and observing how things occurred in nature, extending into society and relations, how they have men who scout other nations and cultures and come back to apply those learnings to their own civilization. He described how laws consideringmonogamy and marriage helped stabilize the society and dispelled many of the corruptions which have constantly besieged Bacon’s own high society.