Spaghetti Challenge

Every project must have a budget. there is an estimated budget for any project that the client is willing and ready to spend. This budget is worked upon by the client together with the project manager. The budget must contain an additional just in case money that is thoroughly monitored. A project manager must account for all the money that is spent on the construction this is done by availing all the receipts and stock taking to the client all through the project. Equipment’s that are rented must be kept in good condition to reduce fines and damages that can be incurred.Time is an essential factor in any project. A client will expect a working timeline when contracting. Time constraint is the limited time the constructor has to work to work with under growing pressure top finish the project without any defects or additional costs. The timeline will include the designing of the project blueprint as seen in the spaghetti challenge as well as the construction time. The objectives outlined that need to be achieved in order to meet the client’s needs must be completed in time within cost and quality as expected.Most contracts will have a penalty section in case of any breach of terms and conditions, a real-world big scale construction projectwill include a contract with the terms and condition that must include the timeline and various fines if there is a breach of these terms. These penalties impose an obligation on the construction company to fulfil its duties and objectives in a given time to avoid breaching the contract hence paying damages. A real-world big scale construction project must also consider conducting various test factors that may affect the strength and stability of a structure. These factors must be put in the blueprint before the start of the project and properly reinforced to avoid disaster and casualties.Bonuses can be added as incentives to