Special Education in Todays Schools

For this purpose, the researcher has formulated the research aim and objectives that have been stated below:
The research aims to state the importance of special education at the Ph.D. level along with highlighting its importance in creating a difference in society by supporting and guiding students with special needs. For this purpose, few research objectives have been designed stated below.
The literature review is aimed to present an understanding over the literature written in the context of special education highlighting its relevance and importance along with its benefits in the social environment. The idea is to form an understanding that will help in gaining knowledge about special education along with its worth and importance as adding value in the personal and professional setups.
Special education is meant for students with special needs covering individual differences in a systematic manner. It involves individually or group planned objectives, teaching procedures and useful and innovative interventions designed to help students to attain a higher level of understanding leading to self-sufficiency (Swan, Morgan, 1993). Special education can be offered within a school, college or community with the prime motive of paying focus on the special needs of students. Special needs may include challenges with learning, physical disabilities, emotional and mental disorders, and developmental disorders. Education can be offered to anyone using classroom setting or sharing of knowledge. However, special education demands more of a systematic and compassionate approach as students’ special needs often reduce their ability to learn independently and thus thwarting their progress in the learning phase (Goodman, 1990). Special education requires more of a compassionate approach that cannot be offered in a general classroom setting.&nbsp.With the social stigma attached to special education, it is important to integrate it with the general education system to bring differences in society.&nbsp.