“Specific Applications of PR &amp

PA"The essay takes a descriptive approach where societal factors as well as economic factors affecting the role of public affairs and public administration are discussed.
Public Relation has been recognized as one of the vital managerial functions of an organization. It is because of the fact that with effective Public Relations an organization benefits a lot like to say it helps to create a better image in the organization in times of severe crisis through removing the misunderstanding among the organization and their public, enables to provide sufficient information about the launching of their new product or services, helps to overcome resistance, removes contradictory conditions between the organization and its public and lastly it helps to announce any unfavorable conditions is going to happen in the future (Theaker, 2001). The subject matter of the study is how a Public Relations plays an important role in the context of social and economic. Before passing to the role, it is necessary to understand the concept of Public Relation. Public Relation is essentially a management function which involves monitoring and evaluating the attitudes of the public which include shareholders, government, consumers, employees and the media, through continuous communication with them so as to establish and maintain a mutual relationship and understanding between an them and the organization. In other words it can be told as a managerial function which assists in establishing and maintaining the mutual flow of communication, understanding, acceptance and cooperation between an organization and its publics through keeping in touching with the public, by calling a conference, working with press or through communicating with the employees.
Public Relation plays an important role in the organization in terms of social and economic context. In the context of social, the organization should be very careful in choosing the Public Relation applications. Because every organization stands in the society and has a responsibility to protect the interest of the society in general, so there arises the duty of organization to choose an effective Public Relation. The society comprising of people near to the company must be aware of the policies or the product that is going to launch. If any decision is taken which may influence the society negatively ultimately it may affect the smooth running of the organization. So before going to execute any programs for communicating with the society it must evaluate or analyze opinion of the society (Sriramesh, 2003). For this Public Relation should be an effective one. An effective Public Relation can establish and maintain a mutual relationship between the organization and its public. Such Public Relations helps the organization to know about the likely comment about the product and the organization.
On other hand in the context of economic, there is no doubt that the adoption of Public Relation in the organization will not be a waste to the organization. Instead of that it will provide so many economic benefits to the organization in terms of economic. That is with the effective Public Relation an organization can achieve the objectives at very low cost as compared to other promotional