Sport is Good for Us

Exemplification example: Sport is good for us Sport is good for us because of the many benefits it can give us. The benefits in engaging in sport can range from physical, mental and even psychological benefits which make us strong and healthy.
Sport can benefit us physically because it exercises our body to be strong. During a game, our body inadvertently exerts effort which strengthens it in the process. For example, every time we play basketball, our body exerts effort and burns calories as well and this is good for the well-being of the body.
Sport is also good for our mental health. It is because sport is also a recreation which relieves the mind of stress. We can cite swimming as an example where we feel good after a swim that we tend to be more relaxed after the activity. It is because our mind is provided an a positive diversion from negative thoughts and helped it to relax.
Sport also benefits us psychologically. It teaches us how to better deal with defeat because in sport, losing is part of the game. Dealing well with losing has practical implications in life. For example, we tend to be gracious when we do not get what we want such as a promotion that instead of showing tantrums and feeling bad, we instead will work harder and smarter. It is because sport taught us that to be good at something and to win it, which in this case getting the promotion, we have to practice or work harder to be better and win which in this case, to be promoted.