Staffing Plan Paper

Developing a strategic plan for staffing in a transport or distribution company is one thing that helps many it in making the right choice of what best they want for themselves (Bechet, 2008).In this step, a human resource manager or the person in charge of this activity has to collect information basing on the kind of service provided by the current employees. This information gathered is very important for companies because they help when enforcing some training and also in the case when the company promotes its employees.After getting the information needed about the available staff members, one can use it in finding out the average input provided by each employee in accordance to the number of hours (Bechet, 2008). An example can be drawn from a transportation company which depends on the number of trips made by drivers in determining ones capability.Most of the companies around the world do have some of the seasons that they consider much busy while other seasons are not taken as such. During the busiest seasons, one can use the statistics in determining the kind of need the company requires for the purpose of making the best from what they have. For instance the transportation company has to have more vehicles during the busiest seasons because this is a time when a company’s products are very much competed in the market. With more vehicles for the purpose of transportation means that the available products will get to the market on time, improving the company’s supply.The fourth step in the staffing plan is determining the number of employees the company requires in terms of drivers responsible for the transportation activity. This must comply with both the busiest seasons and the less busy ones. An additional number of vehicles mean that more drivers have to be employed by the company while having less vehicle leads to the current employees or drivers being overworked