Stakeholder Groups in Lloyds TSB Bank

The successful implementation of the Group’s strategy is the responsibility of all 70,000 staff employed by the Group. It is their approach to making Lloyds TSB a high performing organisation that has enabled the Group to make such good progress in 2004 and which only they can ensure further progress over the next few years.
The focus of Lloyd TSB on their customers has never come at the expense of other stakeholders. They claim that they are constantly striving to make Lloyds TSB a great place to work and a great investment opportunity for shareholders. For shareholders, Lloyds TSB delivered a total shareholder return (share price appreciation plus dividends) of 15 per cent during 2004, a significantly better performance than both the FTSE Bank Index and the FTSE 100 Index. So, 2004 has been a year of good progress for customers, staff and shareholders all of whom are linked by a common desire – the successful delivery of Lloyds TSB’s business and financial strategies. (Banking business Review 2005)
Lloyds TSB has a clearly articulated organic growth strategy that is focused on improving and deepening relationships with our personal and business customers. During 2004 this strategy has started to gain traction, with good progress being made in each of their business units. The successful delivery of profitable franchise growth has been central to the Group’s return to positive earnings momentum during 2004.
The building blocks of attracting, retaining and developing customer relationships in all areas of the business are the foundations of profitable franchise development and sustainable earnings growth. With this in mind, Lloyds TSB has spent much of the last few years putting their customers at the heart of the strategy, ensuring that customer needs to drive their business transformation. During 2004 they have continued to improve the product range, they have significantly enhanced their customer service levels, and have made clear progress in improving the Group’s processing efficiency. As a result, customer satisfaction levels are higher than at any time during recent years and they are recruiting a higher number of quality customer relationships. (Banking business Review 2005)
The company also provides telephone and Internet banking services. Cheltenham &amp. Gloucester (C&amp.G), a subsidiary of Lloyds TSB, is the group’s residential mortgage provider, selling its products through branches of C&amp.G and Lloyds TSB Bank in England and Wales, as well as through telephone, Internet and postal services.
The insurance and investments sector operates through Scottish Widows, the group’s specialist provider of life assurance, pensions and investment products. These services are distributed through the Lloyds TSB branch network via independent financial advisers and directly via the telephone and the Internet.&nbsp.