Part I(short essay/discussion)1. Please answer any one of the following three questions:· Why is statistics an important course for business or social science majors to take? OR· How has the use of statistics changed your life? OR· How has Statistics affected you in the workplace?2. What are some of the commonly used measures of variation in statistics?Part II: HomeworkSee attached Microsoft word documentW2Homework.docxChapter01.pdfChapter02.pdfChapter3NumericalDescriptionsofData.pdfPosted: a year agoDue: 28/08/2018Budget: $30Answers 1PHD doctorate4.2 (4)4.8 (496)ChatstatAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratingsa year agoPurchase the answer to view itStatistics_Part1.docxStatistics_Hw2.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $40Bids 38abhiishereProf. HadarvProf Double REssays GuruAshley ClaireMich MichieDr. Equinox2.0Solution for xPROF. MENDEZRima MakenzieAshley Ellie Bill TutorPROF washington watsonK_FAM SOLUTIONSguru answersElprofessoriProf. Allwood Sonnerbergkim woodsEpic Writer PhdProf XavierGoodwriterimhmd.fDr. Equinoxbrilliant answersComputer_Science_ExpertPHD doctorateCharandryMary TutorPROF ALSTONEPROF. KATELYNAcuteMorganGlass HouseTeacher hyranksAabish AabidahWendy LewisCassie Lewisprof portwriterOB_MAXIMOther questions 10For Exemplary_Professor00 dennisonlyCriminal JusticeTLMT 607 Assignment 1Cyberbullying and The First AmendmentasapHealthcare finance help Assess the strengths and weaknesses of selected historical and contemporary models of leadership. Jordan format linear algebra essayRated 1 timesSTAT IntroPart I(short essay/discussion)#1: Why do so many Americans struggle with mathematics/statistics? I have always believed that learning mathematics is similar to learning a foreign …Rated 1 timesSTAT -A1See attached word document28/08/201830mathematics