Stilsim Corporation

The value chain which displays the total value of the firm comprises of vale activities and potential, where the value activities are the cell blocks which aid the human resource functions to create employee motivation and learning whereas potential is the natural and inherent capability of an individual which may be developed through the use of value activities.Following is an internal discussion of Stilsim as an organization in the form of an analysis which determines the strengths and weaknesses of the firm. This will help in performing a value chain analysis for the firm.To say that there are a lot of weaknesses in the firm’s business processes, structure, policies and general office environment would be, to say the least. To begin with, it is important to discuss the weakness on the top level of the firm, which is the leadership. To have a weak leadership is amongst the worst things that can happen to an organization, and sadly enough the same is happening to Stilsim due to the lack of knowledge available to the organizational leaders at the top level. The CEO Bill Simmons, along with other top management has a lot of experience and is an excellent worker but nonetheless, his work is affected by a weak communication system which does not let him get the real facts in a timely manner. This weak communication is also manifesting itself in the way that each of the Stilsim branches works together and because of the lack of basic communication, all three branches have different agendas and work along with different business policies which make it seem as if all three branches are independent of each other. Due to this lack of harmony, the company and its staff are facing disillusionment.Another major weakness of the firm is that there is little use of new technology in the firm and due to this the business processes are old and obsolete. A lot of issues are raised due to the fact that the organization is using old-fashioned methods of work and management. There are no efficient marketing policies which have also caused the firm to lose a lot of contracts. Apart from this, another reason that old clients have moved away to other firms is that Stilsim is using such old and obsolete techniques for their business that most of the times they are not able to fulfil the needs and requirements of their clients.