Lecturer “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” In the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, the speaker has to choose between personal and societal desires. It seems that it is unusual for the traveler to stop for a while and enjoy himself. For instance, stop to admire the beauty of the woods. His duties and responsibilities to the society do not allow some time for him. However, he stops for a while to stare at the lovely woods. Even his little horse shakes the bell of its harness to alert him that it is unusual to stop in the woods. At this point, a choice had to be made. The rider decides to continue with his journey where he has duties and responsibilities to fulfill for society. This implies that he values his commitments to the society more than his own desires. The beauty of nature also spoke to the rider, making the scene attractive for the traveler. The journey of personal desire, making a choice, and the beauty of nature were all encompassed in this one poem.
The persona has to choose between two worlds. The woods are attractive and seem to offer the speaker a perfect quiet and solitude which he seems to desire. On the other side, there is a different world from the woods- the world with people and societal obligations. Both sides interest the speaker in different ways, but he has to decide which side is the best for him. The world with people however seems more important to the speaker.
One cannot avoid decision making in life. While the rider is travelling, he stops between the woods and a frozen lake. The beautiful and alluring woods are the reason he stops. He stares at them for a while before his little horse shakes the bell of its harness. The persona realizes that he has to make a decision on whether he should remain in the attractive woods or continue with his journey probably to the village where he has promises that he needs to fulfill.
Nature is attractive due to its beauty. Many people like to stop in order to study it during their journeys. Personal and societal desires can be put aside for a moment to appreciate this beauty. The rider encounters a snowy wood scene. The soft sound of snow falling might have made the traveler feel peaceful. The sharp cold air created a sharp scene of being alive. Nature can comfort more than personal or societal desires. Choices delayed for a moment to appreciate the beauty of the forest snow fall.
In the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, the horseman finds an option to pick between personal and societal obligations. The rider wants to enjoy the snowy scene but needs to get into town. Promises must be kept. A choice had to be made. The traveler decided to go into town to keep his promises. However, the traveler decided to stop for a while stopping to regard the magnificence of the woods. This poem can symbolize all humans in the need to make decisions, but getting wrapped up in the moment of natural beauty.
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