Store Merchandise Analysis of Club Monaco and Banana Republic

Some skirts are available in classic white and black and an alternative variation of the contemporary colors of brown, green and others. Fabrics range from the common wool to the modern silk depending on the cut and the occasion the skirt is intended for. The store has been consistent with its marketing strategy of smooth advertising, providing customers with a feel of elegance and grace. The store doesn’t have obvious problems in assortment because their production depends on a good marketing strategy and they strictly consider the newest trends and the capacity of people to buy so there is no surplus.

The store has over at least 15 stocks per size and per color. Being in the market for several years this marketing strategy has been found acceptable. However, they do not give too much emphasis on big advertisements and they have a large amount of production which gives them more surpluses at the end of the season. They give sales in most of their product lines because customers find it hard to chose from although good quality but are too many.

The selling floor is laid out with the division of men’s and women’s clothing and also for accessories. In those sections, there are sub-sections which include the division of pants from shirts (divided into casual wear, office, and others), and skirts for ladies. They have put into consideration also the color in which they have access to what’s good in the color chart. They have set up large mirrors and fitting areas that you can be helped at for your size and other preferences. The colors are vibrating and coincide with the color of the season they are having. The store is located in the city, with access to public transport and valley parking for high-end customers. This gives then rather good sales because it’s not hard to get too for the general public.&nbsp.