Strategic Decisions

The strategic decision making, on the other hand, is a more streamlined segment of the overall decision-making process. It is can be considered as an ongoing process which is involved in developing strategies so that the organization is capable of achieving goals and at the same time capable of altering the existing strategies based on the outcomes. The strategic decision making is largely responsible for the success of a company as it determines the success of major operational activities like the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, etc (Stokman 1-153).
The global business environment is increasingly becoming more competitive where the business entities are trying to seek out new ways to increase their competitive advantage and gain higher market share in the industry. This, as a result, makes it imperative for the organizations to ensure that they are making the right decisions that will help them to reach achieve the organizational mission in an efficient manner. In order to achieve a competitive advantage, the firms need to ensure that they are able to generate a higher value at the lowest possible resource utilization. Thus this research work will allow the readers to have a clear idea of the importance of strategic decision making and how other organizations can utilize the findings to increase their operational efficiency.
The research questions clearly indicate that the study will be conducted by focusing on the strategic planning and decision making of Toyota. It will help the researcher to identify the underlying process followed by a successful manufacturing company to run its operational activities. This, as a result, will help the researcher to make a general recommendation that can be utilized by other manufacturing companies looking forward to improving their business operations.