Strategic Human Resource Management enhances organisational performance in both good and bad economic times

The sensitivity of this department is so significant that no organization can exist in its absence, requires ultimate professionalism, ethical discipline, wide knowledge on human relations, and the drive to success. Moreover, human resource management relies on the objectives, vision, mission statement, and target goals of the organization. Since, these company features directly determine the performance and success of the organization operations it is logically true that human resource management has a subsequent influence in the performance of the reference organization. To achieve the perfect organizational performance human resource management requires good policies, adequate strategies, effective organizational culture, and good corporate environment to attain the requisite competitive advantage that guarantees organizational performance. Most significantly, strategic human resource management enhances organisational performance in any economic setup. Indeed, we can define Strategic human resource management as a strategic approach to manage human resources of a given organization.&nbsp.Its main aim includes designing and implementing a set of internally consistent policies and procedures that guarantee the contribution of available human capital of a firm to the achievement of its business objectives.
Strategic human resource management puts a lot of emphasis on the development of the firm’s capacity to respond to the external environment through a better utilization of human resources. Indeed, the strategy of any given firm reflects its timely response to the ever-increasing changes in the competitive market. Hence, Strategic human resource management acts as a catalyst in the satisfaction of the strategic goals through promoting behavioral utility among employees. Actually, the issue of Strategic human resource management has been in the limelight for a