Strategic Management at Mercedes

From this discussion it is clear that Mercedes has been a promising company, the occurrence of such an event was not a good thing to it. It was a very unfortunate event that if not properly handled, could become disastrous and dangerous for the success of the company. Rather than damaging the reputation of the flourishing company, it would bring financial losses that might be hard to bear. This is because a lot of resources will have to be used for compensation and reparations. &nbsp.At the same time, the event would end up affecting the larger automobile industry which has been rocked with such recalls in the recent past. For this reason, it is incumbent upon the management to come up with practical and relevant strategies to deal with it.

As the report highlights&nbsp.Most importantly, the company, through its spokesman Donna Boland engaged in a serious strategic communication exercise. As a professional, Donna used his skills to appeal to the public to bear with the company because the problem was not intended, but had occurred as a result of unavoidable oversights in the technical department.&nbsp.Just like Mercedes, all companies need to be cautious and be ready to know what happens to them failure to which, they might suffer a great deal.&nbsp.Environmental analysis should always be considered as an important activity for all business organizations. These are important lessons that make these articles to be invaluable for anyone who wants to have an insight on strategic management.