Strategic Management of Apple Inc and Samsung Group



Samsung always maintains a good mixture of different products. From the starting point, Apple was very focused on its tablet and mobile releases. Their main strategy was elaborated product development cycle which grows on anticipation level among customers. Simultaneously the company showcased their innovations globally very well. Samsung, on the other hand, used time very well. They always try to make their presence felt in the market. The primary focus of Samsung was to capture the low and middle-end market. But with the help of fast innovations the company was able to perform well in premium end market also. The company is presently enjoying huge popularity for its products in every segment of a global society. Internal capacities of both these two companies are very high. Both companies are having super innovative capabilities. Apple has done a good mixture of both science and arts in their products. Apple over the years has delivered super, elegant and simple experiences out of their products. It has made the organization a dominant player in the smartphone market. Apple is fighting legal battles with Samsung regarding the infringement of patent rights. It is a very well thought business strategy from Apple to keep a more firm foot on the global mobile industry. In this way, Apple is trying to break free from competitions. The mission and vision statement of Apple is very much in line with their long term goals. Apple reinvented mobile phones and brought revolutionary changes in digital music systems. Samsung’s mission and vision statement are also in line with its long term goals. According to the company they believe in the devotion of their human resources and their technology for the creation of good quality products and services which would contribute towards a global society. Samsung is contributing to the South Korean economy heavily (Jeremy, 2010).