Strategic Management of Norman Holdings Limited

Different organizations and companies have their own strategies of management and thus they keep them as a secret to counter their competitors. To effectively use the strategies of the company, the organization has to have its strategists with the expertise to ensure formulation, implementation, and evaluation of the strategies.The retail market of Singapore has expanded by 8.4% from 2004. Due to the high rate of growth. the economy of Singapore has really improved. Although many retail businesses were hugely affected by the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), many embarked on restructuring their businesses and most of them have succeeded. They have different strategies of management to revive their businesses and attract new clients. The strategies they have used include promotions, efficient product ranging, replenishment, and forming alliances to come up within policies to boost their businesses (Gregory Marilyn 270-79).Harvey Norman is a leading household type of equipment distributor in Singapore. It has become a household name as it deals with electronics, furniture, computers, and even bedding. It is an organization that performs its duty under Pertama Merchandising Pte Limited. They are both owned by Pertama Holdings Limited and operate about 264 stores in Australia. Pertama Holdings is an investment company that has subsidiaries that operate retail and wholesale stores in Singapore and Malaysia. Harvey Norman is involved in sales and distribution of home and office products in communications, computers, beddings, small appliances, lighting, furniture, carpets, and flooring and services like home improvements. Harvey Norman has stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, Slovenia, New Zealand, and Australia. Its headquarters are situated in Australia in New South Wales where the organization has provided approximately 4,760 people with jobs (Michael David 270-79).