Strategic Modelling for Human Resource Management



One of the largest tasks for any company or organization no matter how big or how small is to stabilize the recruitment situation. By ‘stabilizing the recruitment’ we mean to occupy, retain, promote and keep the labor motivated until the departure of the workforce.

The workforce plays a major role in any organization, as a matter of fact, most of the organizations nowadays have realized the crucial importance of Human resources as a major part of the ‘company’s growth’. For those of the companies or organizations that still doubt the importance of human resources in an organization. Here we have a distinguished software created on MS Excel 2007, the latest of its kind. We like to call this software “HRM Simplified 2008, v 1.2”.

This software is bound to clear every company’s doubt that it does not realize the importance of human resources. Not only will the ‘HRM Simplified 2008’ help in clearing the doubts of non believers but for the companies that consider human resources as their greatest assets will have a lot to gain from this software and the ‘HRM Simplified 2008’ will not only save the customer tons of money spent on expensive software but this will also help the clients in terms of saving the most valuable entity on the planet… time.

The dependency diagram clearly states all of our constants and variables that are to be used in the current project and will definitely help in creating a Microsoft excel sheet which will allow any company to upgrade their own Human Resource System.

Not only has the dependency diagram helped us to clearly identify the factors that are about to affect our calculations but the dependency diagram has also helped us to scatter these factors and variables into three major variations which are the inputs, intermediates, and outputs.