Strategics management

The ten schools of thought model from Mintzberg et. al. (1998) is a framework that can be used to categorize the field of Strategic Management. These schools are classified as: Design, Planning, Positioning, entrepreneurial, cognitive, learning, power, cultural, environmental and configuration. The Sony Scenario presents a management overhaul problem and re-structuring of the organization to meet the cultural environment needed for the future. For these the following schools of strategic thought will be directly related (Aguilar, 1967):

The Design School: This school sees strategy formation as a process of conception. The approach used by this school is clear and unique, where strategies are formulated in a deliberate process. In this process, the internal situation of the organization is matched to the external situation of the environment.

The Positioning School: This school sees strategy formation as an analytical process. The approach used by this strategic thought is that it places the business within the context its industry, and looks at how the organization can improve its strategic positioning within that industry.

The Entrepreneurial School: This school sees strategy formation as a visionary process. The visionary process takes place within the mind of the charismatic founder or leader of an organization. The school stresses the most innate of mental states and processes- intuition, judgment, wisdom, experience, and insight.