Strategies for a Good Marketing

Reflectively, after the release of the first I-phone, Blackberry’s management aimed at creating touch screen ‘I-phone killer’ contrary to keypad phones which the company had specialized in and was best known for. Some of the front-line persons in the management were not of the idea and they disagreed saying that the company should produce a more advanced keypad phone and layback on creating the touch screen. for the sake of the company’s reputation and its customers. However, the idea was insisted on, and hence came the Blackberry z10 phone. unfortunately, this was after some of the Co-CEOs opposing the notion to the extent of even quitting the board.
The Blackberry z10 was on top of the list for most disastrous products that the company had ever produced and manufactured.&nbsp.primarily, because of a massive write-down of Z10 phones that sat, unsold and unwanted, about eight months after they first hit the market (Sean 2013). The outcome resulted in a lot of losses i.e. 965 million dollar loss, a cut-off of over 45,000 jobs (forty percent of the company’s workforce).

Basically, the company took a downfall due to the ignorance of the need for knowledge in the field of technology by its management faculty. moreover, the company experienced a cultural problem with some of them proposing a keypad enhanced mobile phone (simply because it did well with corporate customers) and others the touch screen, despite the company’s lack of adequate knowledge in the area (Justine 2014).

On the other hand, the Apple Company, during this time was experiencing a totally different occurrence. Since the release of the first I-phone, the company has been excelling in every I-phone release altogether with great sales and a lot of support from its customers.&nbsp.