Strategy Innovation and Sustainable Global Enterprise

The company was founded in 2007 by Shai Agassi with the intent to promote the use of electric vehicles and thereby maintain a green planet. While comparing these two companies, it is precisely that the Aravind has been positioned better in terms of strategy, innovation, and sustainability.Aravind Eye Care System and Better Place are the two organizations selected for this study. The Aravind operates under eye care industry whereas the Better Place works in the transport sector.While analyzing the eye care industry, it seems that social media and public do not give much emphasis on eye safety. Even though visual media try to promote better health practices among the general public, they hardly pay attention to the health of eyes. Majority people do not consult an eye specialist if they experience visual disturbances. In addition, the vast majority of the people are reluctant to use spectacles or contact lenses as they may cause some inconveniences to the users. It seems that people are not willing to donate their eyes after death despite a series or eye donation campaigns. This situation restricts the scope of eye care industry in giving vision to the blind. At the same time, an aging population raises some potential social challenges to the transport industry because elderly people are less likely to drive vehicles. Many people believe that rail travel and air travel would provide them with more comfort. Finally, people also try to avoid road transport to escape from terrible traffic jams.Comparing to other healthcare settings, the eye care industry does not heavily contribute to environmental safety issues. However, it has been identified that some eyecare hospitals dump their waste materials such as syringes and needles.